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Looking for a job in the IT industry can be a challenging task. With so much competition, it's important to ensure your professional resume, cover letter and selection criteria stand out. At Harmont, we understand the unique challenges faced by IT professionals and we have developed a tailored approach to help you succeed in your job search.

Our Unique Approach to Writing Your IT Applications At Harmont

At Harmont, we take a comprehensive and tailored approach to writing IT applications that effectively demonstrate your skills and experience. We understand that different IT roles require precise expertise and our team of experienced professional resume writers is dedicated to highlighting the unique abilities of job seekers.

When it comes to IT project managers, we know that showcasing your technical skills and project management experience is essential. Our team of experienced writers will work closely with you to showcase your ability to oversee complex IT projects, coordinate teams and deliver results on time and within budget.

With our assistance, your application will emphasise your proficiency in project planning, risk management, stakeholder communication and other relevant aspects of your career history. We will highlight how you have achieved significant success leading teams and ensuring the successful implementation of IT initiatives.

For developers, we understand the importance of featuring your coding expertise and the ability to solve complex technical problems. We’ll work with you to highlight your experience with programming languages, software development methodologies and your track record of delivering high-quality applications.

Our professional resume writer will delve into the specific programming languages you are proficient in, such as Java, Python or C++ and highlight your experience with frameworks and libraries like React or Angular. We will also emphasise your ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and your knack for finding innovative solutions to technical challenges.

If you’re a networking/infrastructure specialist, we know that ensuring the stability and security of an organisation’s network is crucial. Our writers will emphasise your knowledge of network design, implementation and troubleshooting, as well as your experience with network security protocols and technologies.

Our resume service will highlight your skills in configuring routers, switches and firewalls, as well as your ability to optimise network performance and ensure seamless connectivity. Moreover, we will emphasise your familiarity with network monitoring tools and your ability to identify and resolve network issues promptly.

For service desk/IT support roles, we understand the importance of effective communication and problem-solving skills. We’ll help you highlight your experience in providing technical support to end-users, resolving IT issues and documenting support processes.

Our writers will demonstrate your ability to troubleshoot hardware and software problems, your proficiency in remote support tools and your commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. We will also highlight your expertise in incident management, problem resolution and your ability to create comprehensive documentation for support processes.

With Harmont’s unique approach to writing IT applications, you can be confident that your skills and experience will be effectively showcased to potential employers. Our team of experienced writers will work closely with you to create a compelling application that underscores your unique abilities and maximises your chances of securing your desired IT role.

IT Selection Criteria

Discover the key to selection success with STAR: the fail-safe framework for addressing selection criteria. At Harmont, we employ the STAR method, an acronym for Situation, Task, Action and Result. This method guarantees that your responses to selection criteria are precise and pertinent and that they highlight your skills and experience effectively.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • What notable projects have you contributed to?
  • What technical proficiencies do you possess?
  • Have you obtained any certifications?
  • Can you recount a complex technical challenge you’ve encountered?
  • Who were the significant stakeholders or end-users you collaborated with?
  • Have you successfully implemented any process enhancements?

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How Our Resume Writing Service Works

Our process is straightforward and efficient:

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Writer assigned and contact

An experienced writer will be assigned to work with you on your resume and will contact you within one business day to discuss your requirements.

Ongoing contact and communication

During the writing process, your assigned writer will stay in contact with you and will reach out to you if further information is required.

Delivery of resume

Your new resume will be delivered to you in PDF and WORD editable formats within 3 business days.

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You also get total peace of mind with a guarantee that comes with free edits for 21 days.

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Frequently asked questions.

A well-crafted cover letter is essential to make a strong impression on potential employers. Here are three things that should be included:

  1. Introduction: Start your cover letter by introducing yourself and stating the position you are applying for. Highlight why you are interested in the role and why you are a good fit for the organization.
  2. Relevant Experience: Showcase your relevant experience and skills that align with the job requirements. Provide specific examples of how your past achievements make you a strong candidate for the position.
  3. Closing: End your cover letter by expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity to contribute to the company and your willingness to provide any additional information or references required.

Yes, introducing yourself in a cover letter is essential. This is your first contact with the hiring manager, so it’s important to start your letter by stating your name and the position you are applying for. This introduction sets the tone for the rest of your cover letter and engages the reader from the beginning.

Stand Out from the Competition

In conclusion, at Harmont AU, we have developed a unique approach to writing IT resumes and cover letters and addressing selection criteria. Our personalised resume writing process ensures that your application stands out from the competition and highlights your skills and experience effectively.

Whether you are an IT project manager, developer, networking/infrastructure specialist or service desk/IT support professional, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you succeed in your job search. Contact us today to get started on your IT job application journey.