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Whether you’re changing your job or starting on an entirely new career path, having a professionally-written resume will give you the edge you need to succeed. In today’s tough job market, standing out can be challenging. So why not take advantage of the wealth of excellent resume writing services in Gladstone?

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From professional packages with templates and cover letters tailored to your industry-specific needs to personalized work history documents that highlight key achievements throughout your career – whatever your needs may be, there’s a resume writing service that can cater to you.

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Resume Writing in Gladstone

How Professional Resume Services Can Help Land Your Dream Job - Melbourne

At Harmont, we provide resume writing services for job seekers in Gladstone and Victoria. 

Recognizing the significance of the Victorian Public Service Capability Framework in job applications, our approach takes this framework into account when choosing examples that match the required level for your desired position. 

To improve the quality of our selection criteria responses, we also apply the STAR structure—a widely accepted standard that ensures each response is well-written and meets high standards.

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Our resume writers team in Gladstone has vast experience crafting resumes for various industries and job roles. Harmont provides different packages to meet your needs, offering standard templates to custom-designed resumes. We take pride in delivering outstanding resumes that showcase your strengths, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

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Customized Resumes

Our professional resume writing service offers the distinct advantage of tailoring your resume to suit your unique professional profile. Experienced writers take the time to understand your career goals, achievements, and skills, crafting a personalized document that effectively showcases your strengths. A customized resume not only increases your chances of catching the employer’s attention but also ensures that your application stands out in a competitive job market.

Time-saving Solution

In the fast-paced world of job hunting, time is of the essence. A resume writing service can significantly expedite the process by handling the intricate task of crafting a compelling resume on your behalf. Instead of investing hours in refining your document, you can focus on preparing for interviews, networking, and other crucial aspects of your job search. The time saved not only improves your efficiency but also allows you to approach your job search with greater confidence and a well-polished application.

Writing Expertise

Our professional resume writers bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring that your resume is not only grammatically flawless but also strategically written to appeal to employers. We understand industry-specific terminology, formatting nuances, and the current trends in resume writing. By leveraging our expertise, you benefit from a resume that not only meets the expectations of hiring managers but also highlights your qualifications in the best possible light. This professional touch can make a significant difference in securing interviews and advancing your career.

Investing in a professional resume service can provide you with access to a valuable resource: the writer’s recruitment expertise. With a deep understanding of industry-specific processes and procedures, they  understand what recruiters are looking for in candidates.

At Harmont, you can select from different packages at affordable prices. The Graduate package is for individuals early in their career, the Professional package is for professionals, and the High Flyer Executive package is for executives.


In 2023, the Australian job market has seen significant changes, and as a result, the standards for resumes have evolved. Here’s what job seekers in Australia should consider:

  1. Digital Compatibility: With many Australian companies using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensure your resume is ATS-friendly. This means avoiding intricate graphics, tables, and sticking to standard fonts.

  2. Brevity and Relevance: A typical Australian resume is 2-3 pages for seasoned professionals. For those early in their career or with less experience, a one-page resume is ideal. Always customise your resume for each role, emphasising pertinent experience.

  3. Contact Details: Your name, mobile number, professional email, LinkedIn profile, and city or suburb are essential. For privacy reasons, the full address isn’t necessary.

  4. Professional Profile: Begin with a succinct summary that defines your professional persona. This 3-4 line pitch should spotlight your primary skills and experiences.

  5. Skills Snapshot: Feature relevant skills at the forefront, especially those specified in the job advertisement. This encompasses both technical proficiencies and interpersonal skills.

  6. Employment History: List in reverse chronological order. For each role, offer a concise description and underscore significant achievements with quantifiable outcomes.

  7. Educational Credentials: Start with your highest academic achievement. Detail the institution’s name, the qualification earned, and the graduation year.

  8. Ongoing Learning: Showcase any supplementary courses, certifications, or training pertinent to the role you’re targeting.

  9. Personal Interests (Optional): A brief section can provide insight into your personality. Ensure they’re framed in a manner that appears advantageous to the role or company ethos.

  10. References: In Australia, it’s standard to note “References available upon request” rather than detailing them. However, always have a list prepared.

  11. Presentation and Structure: A neat, professional design is key. Maintain consistent formatting, utilise bullet points, and employ bold or italic fonts judiciously. In 2023, a touch of colour can differentiate your resume, but moderation is crucial.

  12. Video Resumes and Online Portfolios: While traditional resumes prevail, certain sectors in Australia might value a video pitch or a digital portfolio link. Ensure they’re of high quality and job-relevant.

  13. Inclusivity: Refrain from including age, marital status, religion, or any non-job-related personal details. The Australian job market in 2023 places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

  14. Final Check: A resume free from grammatical or spelling errors is crucial. Consider having someone else review it for a fresh perspective.

In summary, while the essence of a strong resume remains consistent, the specifics for the Australian job market in 2023 have nuanced differences. Staying updated with these trends and tailoring your resume accordingly is paramount.


Choosing a local Gladstone resume writing service like Harmont ensures you receive a resume tailored to the specific nuances of the Gladstone job market. Our team is familiar with local industries, employers, and recruitment trends. Moreover, being locally based means we understand the cultural and professional expectations of Gladstone employers, ensuring your resume resonates with them.

At Harmont, our writers have extensive experience crafting resumes for a wide range of industries prevalent in Gladstone. This includes, but is not limited to, Accounting & Finance, Administration & Office Support, Banking & Financial, Construction, Consulting, Engineering, Healthcare & Medical, Information Technology, Legal, Manufacturing, Mining & Energy, Real Estate & Property, Retail, Sales, and Trades & Services.

Our resume writing approach is holistic. We consider the specific industries dominant in Gladstone, the local job market trends, and the preferences of Gladstone-based employers. By combining this local knowledge with our expertise, we craft resumes that are not only professionally appealing but also resonate with the Gladstone job market.

While our primary mode of communication is online, ensuring a swift and efficient service, we are based in Gladstone among other locations. This means you have the advantage of local expertise, and depending on the service package.

Our team at Harmont liaises with hiring managers, attends local industry events, and maintains partnerships with recruitment agencies in Gladstone. This continuous engagement ensures we’re always updated with the latest trends, preferences, and requirements of the Gladstone job market.

Once you’ve provided all necessary information, you can expect to receive your professionally written resume direct to your email in both PDF and MS Word formats within three business days.

At Harmont, client confidentiality is paramount. All information shared with us is used solely for the purpose of crafting your resume. We do not share, sell, or disclose your data to third parties. Our systems are secured, ensuring your data remains private and protected.

Absolutely! We want to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your resume. After the delivery of your resume, we offer free edits for 21 days to ensure it meets your expectations and aligns with your career objectives.

Benefits of Professional Resume Writers

Top Quality

Choosing a professional resume writer offers the advantage of receiving a polished and high-quality final product. An experienced writer can showcase your unique skills in a manner that grabs the attention of potential employers, positioning you as an exceptional candidate for the job.

Up-to-Date with the Latest Industry Trends and Best Practices

Experienced resume writers are aware of current trends and effective practices, ensuring your resume is up-to-date and meets all requirements. With their help, you can make a powerful and lasting impression, boosting your chances of success.

Time Savings

Looking for a job can be as demanding as a full-time job, involving searching for openings, completing applications, and investing time and effort in interview preparation and attendance. Hiring a professional resume writer can alleviate the burden of one of the most time-consuming aspects of the job search process.


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